Epoxy Resin & Polyester Hybrid Powder Coating

Epoxy resin and polyester hybrid powder coating is made from raw material of epoxy resin and polyester resin. It inherits advantages of both materials that make the film coating with optimal ornamental, mechanical features and better erosion resistance. It is applicable to various coating of indoor metalwork.

Product series

We offer standard type and cryogenic curing powder coating products. It can produce the product of high gloss (above 80 percent), half gloss (50-80 percent), sub-gloss (20-50 percent), and the matt. The gloss can also be adjusted according to the client's instruction.

Physical characteristics of the powder

Proportion (25°C.g/cm3): 1.4-1.7
Particle-size distribution: 100 percent lower 100 micron (it can be adjusted according to particular requirement of spray)

Typical curing conditions

standard 180。C (work piece temperature), 15 minutes
cryogenic 160。C (work piece temperature), 15 minutes


Testing standard or method
Test rating
Impact resistance
GB/T 1732-1993
Cup-drawing test
GB/T 9753-1988
Adhesive force
(drawing grid)
GB/T 9286-1998
Grade 0
GB/T 6742-1986
Pencil hardness
GB/T 6739-1996
Salt spraying test
GB/T 1771-1991
> 500 hours
Humid heat test
GB/T 1740-1979
> 1000 hours
Heat resistance
100℃/24 hours(white)
Excellent gloss retention,aberration
Notes 1. In the above tests, 0.8 millimeter-thick cold-rolled derusting and degreasing steel sheet are used, and the coat thickness is 50-70 micron.
2. The above performance indexes of coat may be changed with the color and reflet.

Average percentage of coverage

9-12 sq.m./kg., with a coat thickness of 60 micron (100 percent usage efficiency for powder coating)

Besides epoxy resin and polyester hybrid, we also offer other kinds of powder coating, such as epoxy resin powder coating and polyester powder coating.


Yes, we do ship powder to United States of America.

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