Rengui® Powder for Computer & IT Products

From desktops, servers to ATM machines and telecommunication products, Rengui® powder coating has been continuously providing exceptional performance for the IT industry.

Overview of Rengui® Powder for Computer & IT Products

Based on solid, low bake thermosetting matericals, Rengui® powder coating is perfect for metallic and metallic alloy substrates. Rengui® powder coating offers unique features such as chemical and corrosion protection, high temperature resistant, beautiful chrome-look, low energy, duability. You can easily deliver customized solutions across a broad range of applications.

Feature List

  • Produce weather resistant, durable, chemical resistant and corrosion resistant finishes;
  • Wide range of surface finishing available for selection;
  • Advanced technology improving production efficieny and reducing maintenance costs;
  • Full spectrum of RAL color available for selection;
  • Backed by technical support of Rengui specialists;
  • High quality powder at low price - save your both time and money.

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